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This is where I'm able to share with you: public speaking and education pro tips, tricks and techniques to create greater engagement with your confidence and send your speaking confidence hurtling to the next level!!

Videos that can't be seen anywhere else

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step formulas

Breakdowns of pro speakers, comedians, storytellers, & real client final stories

Plenty of pep talks and gifs to keep your joy up high where it should be

All these await you and more!

Available Products

A Comedic Guide to Money - Video Series

This humorous Finance Video Discussion Series gives you high quality videos & a discussion guide to continue the momentum after the keynote.

Share it with your audience through your resource page, or host discussion groups (in-person or online) to support your audience as they zip through the fun, easy read that is "A Comedic Guide to Money."

We always learn better by processing what resonates with us, and turns those moments of inspiration into a tangible next step.

Here are the 7 videos, discussion guide, and conversation cards...

Serve More Students | A Mini-Course for Higher Ed Financial Professionals

This is for people who love serving and hate selling.

I’m like this too.

I've taken a lot of business coaching over my career, but often resisted the methods because I didn’t want to be sleazy and salesy.

Now I understand that growing your program means having more impact.

And you don’t have to manipulate your audience.

You can resonate with your audience.


Take it from someone with a decade of experience working with colleges, facilitating on-campus partnerships, and connecting with students in an engaging way.

In this short course, you will learn:

Key Concepts That will REACH More Students, SERVE Them More Deeply, and Have More Impact With LESS Effort

More visibility, more funding, and more impact awaits!

In support,

Colin Ryan

* * * ATTENTION: If this resource could help you, but budget is an issue, please email us at info@colinryanspeaks.com. We don't want cost to get in the way of your success!

COURSE: Overcome Speaking Nervousness

Your step-by-step guide to eliminating speaking anxiety, perfectionism, inner critic and imposter syndrome, and learning how you can totally enjoy public speaking.


more relaxed delivery

more comfort in front of an audience

and no more wasting time on endless overpreparing

COURSE: Hone Your Humor

Your step-by-step guide to become funny (on purpose), use humor to enhance your message, and engage your audience in an unforgettable way.

COURSE: Strategic Storytelling

Your step-by-step guide to identify your story, tell it powerfully, create an experience for your listeners, and create a real and lasting connection with your audience that gets them taking the action you want them to take!

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