Serve More Students | A Mini-Course for Higher Ed Financial Professionals

This is for people who love serving and hate selling.

I’m like this too.

I've taken a lot of business coaching over my career, but often resisted the methods because I didn’t want to be sleazy and salesy.

Now I understand that growing your program means having more impact.

And you don’t have to manipulate your audience.

You can resonate with your audience.


Take it from someone with a decade of experience working with colleges, facilitating on-campus partnerships, and connecting with students in an engaging way.

In this short course, you will learn:

Key Concepts That will REACH More Students, SERVE Them More Deeply, and Have More Impact With LESS Effort

More visibility, more funding, and more impact awaits!

In support,

Colin Ryan

* * * ATTENTION: If this resource could help you, but budget is an issue, please email us at We don't want cost to get in the way of your success!

9 Modules

Intro: These 3 Key Concepts WILL Reach More Students and Grow Your Program

Especially if you love HELPING people and you hate SELLING to people!

This course will help you tap into the natural qualities and instincts you already have that will make you 1,000 times more effective than a sleazy, business & profit driven approach ever will!

1. Establishing Your Brand to Peers & Students

Do the people you want to reach know exactly what you do?

The answer to this question will solve many challenges you're facing and bring so much clarity to your students, and your peers, on how you can help them.

2a. Pitching to Funders and Administrators

The way you reach funders, administrators, and parents is not just with information. Data tells, but Stories sell.

Every adult wishes they'd had more financial education when they were students -- your pitch can be designed to make the business case AND tell a story that taps into that.

2b. Pitching to Students

The challenge of being yet another expert / authority /professional speaking to a student audience it's not a given they feel like they can trust you yet.

But once they have a connection to you, they will engage, open up, ask questions, and ask for your help. And the #1 way to create connection quickly, is by sharing your Why.

3a. Marketing That Builds Partnerships

How do you reach the students you need your help but DON'T participate in your programming?

Sure you can try to get noticed by being on every single social media platform... BUT what if you could find them and reach them directly, in less time with more success?

3b. Selling Behavior Change

"Selling" is simply getting your audience to take the action you want them to take.

This comes down to motivating - speaking to them in their language and connecting to their goals - and to designing a super-easy next step they can take. In other words, Nudging them.

BONUS - Creating A Super-effective Feedback Collector

Testimonials are hard to get. Did that go well or did they not see the value?

The key to getting valuable feedback is to use Nudge Theory: designing the desired action to be as easy as possible. This system will get you lots of feedback from participants, and give you examples of how you can use it to grow your program!

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