What This Course Includes

The 5 Module "Adding Humor to Your Message" course:

The following 5 modules are a video-guided course that teaches you the exact tools to use to write a funny & uplifting story. It also includes breakdowns of skills used by comedians, speakers, and entertainers. It's meant to be a lot of fun!

You'll have lifetime access and you can use this over and over when you want to make a new powerful, important story into an uplifting one.

This is optional, and based on your time available, and whether you want to, as they say, "buy a fish or learn how to fish." (This metaphor assumes you want a fish, and also the fish actually equals being funny. What a weird metaphor!)

6 Bimonthly Workshop / Q&A Group Sessions:

Workshop your idea with me and others in the program, or ask me any questions that come up during your course work, or any question at all that you have about improving the way you present and share your message.

I'll act as a practice audience to test out and refine your creation! The great thing about this session is that it is a totally safe, supportive environment where I show you how your audience will react to your story, and provide you with the tweaks you'll need to make sure your story does what you intend it to.

Detailed feedback from Colin on 3 audio recordings you create through this process:

You can record 3 audio versions of your stories (5 minutes max) and send them to me. I'll send back a detailed reaction with line-by-line notes as needed.

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What This Course Includes

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